Quotes & Teachings from Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

How Rebbe Nachman Ruined My Life
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The first time I ever visited the grave-site of Rebbe Nachman I left behind a fairly together life. There were things I wanted (to get married, to find my specific purpose in life) but then there were also things that were totally together (my friends, my family, my living situation, my work, my goals). But all of that changed. For the worse….

Hitbodidut- Finding My Center
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Watch a fascinating video about Hitbodidut (Jewish Meditation) and learn how you can improve your life & connect to G-D on a deeper level: I had just landed in Newark airport, and after the hour-long train ride, found myself in New York’s Penn Station amidst hundreds of travelers crisscrossing, each in their own trajectory, speeding to their destinations. Many held briefcases, or pulled small suitcases, and had their morning cups of coffee in to-go cups, looking straight ahead, wearing serious faces, to get to their destinations faster. To smile at a stranger is dangerous when you’re on the clock- time is money, baby.

  • Hitbodedut – Prayer from the heart

    Please wait for the film to upload 🙂 Based on the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov This is what hitbodedut is all about “Secluding oneself away from others to have a personal conversation with god” . . “You are connecting yourself to God in a way that nobody in…

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  • Uman Rosh Hashana

    . . .     “Whoever comes to me on Rosh Hashana, should be happy all the year” . . It’s hard to truly explain what is happening there in words. The only thing that can be said is go and experience it for yourself! 🙂 . We bless the viewers…

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