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How Rebbe Nachman Ruined My Life
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The first time I ever visited the grave-site of Rebbe Nachman I left behind a fairly together life. There were things I wanted (to get married, to find my specific purpose in life) but then there were also things that were totally together (my friends, my family, my living situation, my work, my goals). But all of that changed. For the worse….

Hitbodidut- Finding My Center
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Watch a fascinating video about Hitbodidut (Jewish Meditation) and learn how you can improve your life & connect to G-D on a deeper level: I had just landed in Newark airport, and after the hour-long train ride, found myself in New York’s Penn Station amidst hundreds of travelers crisscrossing, each in their own trajectory, speeding to their destinations. Many held briefcases, or pulled small suitcases, and had their morning cups of coffee in to-go cups, looking straight ahead, wearing serious faces, to get to their destinations faster. To smile at a stranger is dangerous when you’re on the clock- time is money, baby.

  • True Harmony- Finding the Good Points

    I had just finished giving a lecture to the faculty at my school about how the perceptions we have of our students impacts them, when the superintendent approached me. He was skeptical, and challenged me, “What about Roxanne?” Roxanne was wearing all black, thick black eyeliner, and a “bullring” nose hoop. She sat by herself at a nearby table, in the cafeteria, looking at her phone. I couldn’t back down now, so though I was palpably nervous, I said, “I’ll go talk to her.” I walked over and sat down. She looked at me, and immediately started asking what I was doing, using more superlatives than any other type of word. I said, “If you answer a few of my questions, I’ll buy you a soda.”

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  • Overcoming Obstacles

    Did you know Michael Jordan didn’t make the first basketball team he tried out for? Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, had his first book rejected by 27 different publishers. Oprah was fired from her first TV anchor job for being ‘too emotionally invested in her stories.’ History is rife with examples of people who made it big, but only after much trial, tribulation and rejection.

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  • Holy Silliness

    Humor is built into creation. Hashem wants us to be happy, and even wants to make us laugh

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  • The Transformative Power of Dancing

    In which body part does a person feel joy? Joy is felt in the heart and the mind. Yet, when you smile, your mouth begins to feel it. When the joy is even greater the hands might catch on and start smacking each other with excitement, most commonly known as clapping. As joy increases, it begins to permeate the hips, the knees, and finally, when you are totally elated, the joy descends into the feet, overflowing them with positive energy, and you break out into dance.

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  • 3 Practical Tips to Be Happy Now

    We all know that being happy today is a daily challenge Between our personal daily struggles, the challenges of those we are close to, and the hardships that are happening globally, it’s easy to fall to a place of sadness. And yet we still yearn and often times work towards a feeling of true happiness and inner peace.

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  • “The Stolen Light” book

    We asked the writer and producer of the best-seller book “The stolen Light” to tell us a bit about himself and how he came to write this fascinating book: . . . That’s why I decided to publish some of these stories. To wake up and inspire others to check out Rebbe…

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  • Stickers- What are we trying so hard to “stick to”??

    We bless the viewers to be connected to Rebbe Nachman and to his teachings, and to always be happy and inspired…

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  • All Or Nothing?

    There is a common attitude in the world that the actions we put forth and the work we do must either be complete, or it may be better not to do it at all. . But in our work towards a holy connected life, this way of thinking is not…

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  • Truth and Ultimate Truth

    The first words of the Torah, “בראשית ברא אלוקים”, spell out אמת – truth – with their final letters. This raises the immediate question: Why do the first words of the entire Torah end with the word “Truth” ? Usually when something is signed and sealed as “true”, it is…

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