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About NaNachNation

NaNach Nation began a few years ago by a group of Bresolov Nanachs in the New York area..
Many of our members come from strong religious backgrounds, but never found ourselves within the context of a rigid religion we had been brought up with.
While some of us grew up completely secular and never knew of the depth that our Torah holds.
It wasn’t until we were introduced to the deep relevant teachings of Rebbe Nachman, that we began to find our personal path within the ancient Torah ways.
Our goal is to share and spread the deep joy and wisdom we have found through the Tzaddik, Rebbe Nachman
Amongst many things, Rebbe Nachman emphasizes the importance of serving God from a place of joy. He speaks about the importance of each person finding their unique path within the Torah, and of living a life of truth.
Rebbe Nachman said:

“I will turn your heart of stone into a heart of flesh and blood”

His teachings have the power of reaching deep within our hearts and bringing us back to life.
And this is the message that NaNach Nation hopes to spread.
That happiness is vital towards our quest for true connection and holiness.
That the teachings of our heritage, and connecting to the Tzaddik, have the power to awaken our inner depth and bring us back to life!
We hope to spread the wisdom of Rebbe Nachmans teachings which were written specifically for each one of us in our present situations.

Nanach Nation has printed and distributed hundreds of thousands of books, stickers and Judaica Merchandise to Jews around the world. We have also spent the past two years traveling around the USA with our nanach bus, connecting to Jews from all over, and spreading Rebbe Nachmans wisdom.

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