About The Bus

One of the beautiful and distinguishing features of NaNach Nation is what we have lovingly come to refer to as “The Bus”.

You may have seen the colorful happy looking bus driving through the streets of the US, joyful music blaring, and people dancing in high spirits.
Maybe you had a chance to interact with those on board, connect through song and dance, or through a deep conversation on life and the teachings of Rebbe Nachman.
One thing is for sure, if you have seen it, you have probably never forgotten it.

The bus travels across the US with the goal of spreading joy, Torah, and deeply connecting to those we get the chance to meet.

“It is a great mitzvah to be happy always”
~ Rebbe Nachman

Rebbe Nachman has a beautiful Torah in which he speaks about the importance of happiness. He explains that our connections and ability to grow spiritually is dependant on us being truly and deeply happy. (Read more in likutey maharan 24 II). This is one of the messages the bus hopes to bring to the masses; that true happiness is essential in our quest for spirituality and depth.

Over the past 2 years the bus has traveled throughout the US to spread joy and connect to Jews of all backgrounds. We play music, dance, set up stands and sell Rebbe Nachman books, stickers, and other breslov merchandise.
We answer questions and get into deep conversations with those that we meet.

The bus travels to music festivals and events, and sets up a full Shabbat tent there. For many it is the first Shabbat experience they have ever had.
We have been invited to numerous festivals, Purim, Channukah, and other holiday events, weddings, and have been featured in music videos.

Our hope is to inspire and be inspired by those we get a chance to meet, and to keep spreading the joy of Judaism.

If you would like us to join you at your next event contact us, we are happy to hear from you.

We can’t wait to meet you!



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