The Nanach Collection Vol. 2 – Physical CD

The Nanach Collection Vol. 2 – Physical CD


Last year Nanach Nation & MRM Music released the first volume of “The Nanach Collection” with no guarantee that there would be any more volumes made. Within days, copies had just about sold out. It seems that good dancing music is quite popular these days which brings us to Volume 2! This albums features hits from Uman to America and everywhere in between! With artists such as Levi Cohen, Nerya Engel, Sruli Broncher, Lipa Schmeltzer, Meilech Kohn, Shua Kessin, Amram Adar, Hillel Kapnick, and more! You definitely can’t go wrong. Whether you’re dancing in your office, kitchen, or on top of your van, go pick up your copy today! Distributed by MRM Music.



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