Breslov NaNach Amulet Necklace 491104

Breslov NaNach Amulet Necklace 491104


Brown square amulet

with “Tree of Life” carved into the center
Hand made in Israel

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Rabbi Yisrael Dov Odesser (Saba) zecher tzaddik livracha requested from a few of his Breslover Chassidim to write the name of Rebbe Nachman on a parchment in the exact way in which he sealed his signature in the holy petek , Na Nach Nachna Nachnan Me’Uman .

נַ נַחְ נַחְמָ נַחְמָן מֵאוּמַן

He told them to spread this amulet all over the world.
Saba explained that wearing this amulet would be a blessing for having children, to help cure diseases, for finding a zivug, for protection, for keeping strong in Emunah (faith), and more.

Read more about Na Nach Nachna Nachnan Me’Uman and the significance of the Amulet

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